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Increase your client for better position of Business

Email Marketing is the newest and most controversial method for sending self-promotion information to your current and prospective clients. As important a tool as it can be, it can also add to the flood of spam your clients are receiving. Let’s look at how it can work for you!

First, email marketing combines the unique features of design flexibility, lower production costs, and quicker turnaround, testing different offers showing new work, sharing information important to your clients and driving traffic to your web site.


Second, don’t underestimate the power of relationship-building in email marketing for your creative services. Lots of people prefer follow-up and even first contact to be an email. It is personal and impersonal at the same time… quite the hybrid marketing tool! Email will not take the place of stamp mail or phone calls but it is another avenue, another chance to generate and maintain interest in your services.



E-mail is Inexpensive:

E-mail is far less expensive on a cost-per-contact basis than other advertising options, such as banner ads, print advertising and telemarketing.

E-mail Creates Quick Response Cycles:

E-mail cutsresponse times down from as much as six to eight weeks for direct mail to as little as 48 hours in most cases.

E-mail Marketing Campaign Results are Measurable:

Campaign sales as well as open-up and click-through rates can be easily measured. By being able to quantify the success of campaigns while in progress, you can adjust your strategies to improve results.

E-mail Has a Wide Reach:

E-mail is part of many people’sdaily routine. It is a medium with an exceptionally large audience and allows recipients to immediately act on messages.

E-mail Drives Web site Traffic:

E-mail is an effective way ofdriving traffic to your Web site. Using links embedded in your messages, customers can quickly be directed to your site.

E-mail Builds Brand Awareness and Customer Relations:

Regularly delivered E-mail messages with proper subject lines and logos reinforce company and product awareness. E-mail creates an interactive connection and nurtures quality customer relations.

E-mail Can Be Highly Customized:

Using customerdatabases, campaigns can be customized with specific customer data. Database integration also allows targeted mailings to specific recipient groups (for example by ZIP Code, gender or income). For further information on just how deeply you can target your potential audience, please view our list of selects.

E-mail is Easy to Implement and Requires Limited Resources:

E-mail campaigns can be quickly implemented and executed with only minimal software, hardware and personnel investments.

User Engagement:

Exponentially Better Ability to Track Salesand User Engagement.

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